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Punk Patch by Lupe Flores


Image of Punk Patch by Lupe Flores

PATCH by Lupe Flores
Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012

Patch, Circle, 3" diameter, White with White Border

>>They are NOT embroidered patches.<<

Fabric Iron-on Instructions:

Set the temperature of the iron to 400°-F. This is usually the "Polyester" setting or a bit down from the highest temperature available. Press from the middle of the patch outward toward the edges. The pressing time is usually a minute. After this period of time, check the edges of the patch to see if this area is adhered to the substrate. If so, you will now need to press the patch from the backside for another minute.

Some substrates may require more or less time to allow adherence of the patch. Test the edge of your first patch by slightly peeling it up from the substrate while it is hot. Be careful not to burn yourself!